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GOP Tweet Reveals Textbook Way to Enhance Grassroots Support

Recently on Twitter, GOP candidate Tom Kean (NJ-07) showed supporters exactly how easy it is to become part of and amplify support for his election.

This link leads supporters to a sign-up page, and then gives them to a step-by-step page showing the simple steps in order to launch a grassroots fundraiser of their own:

1. Sign up for a WinRed account
2. Personalize Team Page
3. Select candidates to support
4. Tell everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

What does this do, exactly? It creates a network effect built on the foundation of the most active supporters, allowing campaigns to reach more potential support.

Caroline Champion of FlexPoint Media, an agency working to help get Kean elected, noted that WinRed Team Pages allowed them to leverage the biggest supporters from the ground up.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to empower our incredible Team Kean supporters. When we heard about the new “Team Page” feature, we knew we’d found a great way to give credit to our most excited supporters and raise more grassroots dollars from more grassroots donors.

Click here to get top supporters involved with grassroots team pages!