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Candidate of the Week: Bryant “Corky” Messner for Senate (NH)

Corky Messner has been named Donald Trump Jr.’s MAGA Candidate of the Week for the Senate!

BIO (Meet Corky):

  • Corky Messner grew up in a blue-collar household in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
  • He attended West Point, where he played college football.
  • After serving in Berlin during the Cold War, Corky attended the University of Denver’s Law School, later establishing his law firm, Messner Reeves LLP.
  • Messner Reeves has grown into a large firm, serving nine different cities.
  • Corky has a passion for service and wants to give back to the country that has given him the opportunity to live the American Dream.


  • The primaries are not until September, but Corky Messner is Trump’s pick for New Hampshire.
  • New Hampshire’s partisan voting index (PVI) rating is one of the closest in the nation at +1 for Democrats, setting the state up for a tight Senate race.


  • “This next generation is experiencing the benefits of President Trump’s tax reform. They have more money than generations before them and they are spending and investing that money.” – Fox News op-ed
  • @JeanneShaheen’s talk is cheap, her out-of-control spending is not.”
  • “While AOC panders to millennials for political gain, true next generation leaders will show their friends and colleagues a way of life that is much better than one spent relying on government and socialism.” – Fox News op-ed 


  • “A West Point graduate, he served our Country in the Army with distinction. Strong on Jobs, Crime, Vets, Military and the Second Amendment …. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

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