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Candidate of the Week: Derrick Van Orden (WI-03)


  • Derrick enlisted in the US Navy at 18 and served for 26 years
  • He made five combat deployments as a US Navy SEAL to Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq, and Afghanistan
  • After retiring from the military, Derrick was a private sector consultant for various Fortune 500 companies
  • Derrick became a successful small business owner after reopening the Butternut Cafe
  • He lives on his farm with his wife, Sara


  • Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District race is currently rated as “Lean R” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the race a +4 partisan voting index advantage to Republicans

Van Orden for Congress


  • “America is the, ‘shining city upon a hill’, and Wisconsin is the heart of that city. Simply by being born in this great nation, we have been given opportunities unlike any other people in the world. America is truly exceptional, and it is up to us as citizens to work tirelessly to maintain the freedoms we have been endowed.”
  • “We are not guaranteed the right to happiness, we are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness. The more we are limited by government, the more this right is endangered. As Americans, we do better when we are free to make our own decisions with our hard-earned money and when government gets out of the way of the American people.”
  • “As a Navy SEAL veteran who has lost friends in both training and combat, and as a paramedic, father, and grandfather, I have a unique understanding of how precious life is and why it should be protected. We must respect and cherish life.”


  • “Derrick Van Orden is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Derrick is a former Navy SEAL Senior Chief who bravely served and defended our Country. He strongly supports our Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, and he will always fight for Secure Borders, the Second Amendment, and our incredible Farmers. Derrick has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” – Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States
  • “Derrick Van Orden is a Navy SEAL and family man who’s never stood on the sidelines. In Washington, he’ll defend Wisconsin values, fight for our farmers, and hold Biden’s foreign policy accountable. Our country would benefit by having him walk the halls of Congress.” – Nikki Haley, 29th US Ambassador to the United Nations
  • “Derrick Van Orden is exactly the type of person we need in Congress to end the disastrous one-party rule in Washington and put our country back on the path to prosperity. He is a decorated veteran Navy SEAL, a former small business owner, and a proud American who will always work to better our nation. I’m proud to stand behind him as we work toward a brighter future for our country.” – Tim Scott, US Senator for South Carolina

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