Candidate of the Week: Hung Cao (VA-10)


  • Hung’s family left Vietnam in 1975 and moved to the United States as refugees
  • He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1996
  • He served as a Deep Sea Diver and Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer for 25 years
  • He and his family founded a non-profit that builds beeping Easter eggs for the visually impaired
  • Hung lives with his wife, April, and five children in Purcellville, Virginia


  • This congressional seat is held by Jennifer Wexton, and Hung Cao can flip it for Republicans
  • The Cook Political Report gives Virginia’s 10th Congressional District a +6 partisan voting index advantage to Democrats

Hung Cao for Congress


  • “Americans should have confidence in our country and its economy, but Biden and congressional Democrats have made that nearly impossible. I am running for Congress to create solutions, not cause more problems.”
  • “In the face of great loss or tragedy, it’s the American way to come back stronger than ever. My 25 years as a Captain in the Navy and the time I have spent salvage diving have only reinforced my belief in the strength of the American spirit.”
  • “Minority communities have been taken advantage of by the Democratic Party. We have had enough. We’re people who believe in God, family, and the greatness of this country. Our patriotism is subtle but it runs deep. We are ready for change in November.”
  • “For 25 years I fought for our country. I’m not done. I’m Hung Cao. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare. Inflation is out of control. Our border is a disaster. Our elections are not secure, and when we tell the truth, the left calls us white supremacists. That’s not going to work against me. I’m the one who can win this, and I’ll meet the squad with a platoon.”


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