Candidate of the Week: JD Vance (OH-SEN)


  • JD was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio
  • He enlisted in the US Marine Corps after graduating high school and deployed to Iraq with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
  • He graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and philosophy, and he earned a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School
  • He served as a Principal with Mithril Capital and Partner at Revolution LLC
  • He authored the book Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis which became a New York Times bestseller and was adapted into a movie
  • He co-founded Narya Capital in 2019
  • He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Usha, and three children


  • Ohio’s Senate race is currently rated as “Lean Republican,” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the race a +6 partisan voting index advantage to Republicans

JD Vance for Senate


  • “Our parents and grandparents gave us the most prosperous nation in the world, and our leaders have chosen decline and plunder. But under our Constitution, We the People have the power, and it’s time we used it to fight back.”
  • “Our country used to value working class jobs, and then the manufacturing base of our economy was shipped overseas. Working class Ohioans were left in the dust. Job loss devastated families. Communities were forgotten. I’ll fight against the corporate elites who want to continue the status quo that plunders the millions who are unable to use their hands to earn a decent wage.”
  • “The result of needless spending is runaway inflation, which has made it harder for normal Americans to afford basic necessities. Inflation has hit our seniors especially hard, many of whom live on a fixed income. It’s time to get this inflation under control.”


  • “MAGA patriots from across the nation are set to deliver an election landslide for Republicans that will serve as a devastating rebuke of the failures of Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats. In the Great State of Ohio, the candidate most qualified and ready to win in November is J.D. Vance. We cannot play games. It is all about winning!” – Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States
  • “JD Vance served our nation in uniform as a United States Marine – he knows America is worth fighting for. JD is laser-focused on tackling the most critical issues currently facing our country, including the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, onshoring critical infrastructure and manufacturing, and the importance of building a strong American society here at home. Every Senator plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our Nation. Now more than ever, we need leaders like JD to fight for the America First movement in the Senate.” – Mike Pompeo, 70th US Secretary of State
  • “I’m proud to endorse JD Vance for U.S. Senate from Ohio. JD knows well the devastating realities that our country faces. Especially in Ohio, families gripped by addiction have the cards stacked against them and entire towns continue to plummet. JD will fight for tighter restrictions at the southern border, bring back a robust manufacturing industry and put the needs of our own American citizens first. JD is the only candidate out in front of the corruption in our technology industry. He will crack down on Big Tech bowing down to China, stand up for the American worker, and put our country back on the track of prosperity and opportunity.” – Josh Hawley, US Senator for Missouri

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