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Candidate of the Week: Katie Britt (AL-SEN)


  • Katie graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in political science
  • She also earned her law degree from The University of Alabama and practiced law at Butler Snow LLP
  • In 2015, Katie was deputy campaign manager and communications director for Senator Shelby’s campaign, and after re-election, she served as chief of staff in his office
  • Katie was also President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama
  • She lives in Montgomery with husband, Wesley, and two children Bennett and Ridgeway.


  • Alabama’s Senate race is currently a “Solid R” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the race a +15 partisan voting index advantage to Republicans

Source: Katie Britt for Senate


  • “It’s time for a new generation of conservative leaders to step up and fight for the next generation and preserve the American dream. The dream that promises that a public school girl from Enterprise can be elected to the United States Senate.”
  • “I will be a tireless champion for our small businesses, our farmers, and every hardworking Alabamian. I will protect the unborn, our God-given, Second Amendment rights, and the integrity of our elections. I’ll fight to secure our border, strengthen our military, and take care of our veterans. Washington is full of career politicians who are all talk and no action. I will put Alabama first, deliver results for our state, and never apologize for it.”
  • “My faith and relationship with the Lord guide my everyday life. Being pro-life and pro-Second Amendment doesn’t make me radical. It makes me American. We have to show strength at the border, and what we are showing right now as a country is total weakness. It is so important that we protect our nation’s borders. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of lawlessness. We need someone that knows how to fight for Alabama, that believes in Alabama.”


  • “Katie is an Incredible Fighter for the people of Alabama. As President and CEO of Alabama’s Business Council, Katie has been working hard to Grow Alabama’s Economy, Create Jobs, and Restore the Great American Dream…Katie Strongly Supports our under siege Second Amendment, Stands Up for Parental Rights, and Will Fight for our Military, our Vets, and Election Integrity. Above all, Katie Britt will never let you down.” – Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States
  • “I’m excited to endorse Katie Britt to serve as U.S. Senator for Alabama. Katie is a strong conservative who will fight to expand 21st century opportunity for every American family and preserve the American Dream for generations to come. She knows that education is the great equalizer in our country, and she’ll work to ensure that each child in America has access to an affordable, high-quality education that can unlock their future…With your help, Republicans will retake the Senate and hold the Biden Administration accountable for the reckless policies that are crushing families nationwide.” – Tim Scott, US Senator for South Carolina
  • “We need more leaders like Katie Britt in the U.S. Senate — leaders who defend our rights, stand strong for the rule of law, and put Americans first. I’m fighting hard to stop the liberal mob, hold Biden’s incompetent White House accountable, and secure our border. Katie is a tough conservative fighter who will put Americans first. She’ll work with me to protect our values and to stop Democrats from permanently changing our country.” – Tom Cotton, US Senator for Arkansas

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