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Candidate of the Week: Meet Jim Bognet (PA-8)

Jim Bognet has been named Donald Trump Jr.’s MAGA Candidate of the Week for the House of Representatives!

BIO (Meet Jim):

  • Jim Bognet was born and raised in the small industrial town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
  • Jim earned his law degree and master’s in business administration from UCLA
  • Since his first internship working for GOP Senator Rick Santorum, Jim has been fighting non-stop for conservative principles.
  • President Trump appointed Jim to rebuild America’s industrial heartland, create jobs, and support small businesses.
  • Bognet is also an up and coming member of the NRCC’s “Young Guns” program.

ON THE ISSUES (Bognet for Congress):

  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Combat the Opioid Epidemic
  • Defend the Second Amendment
  • Create good jobs


  • Jim Bognet secured victory in the PA-8 Republican primary in early June.
  • The district voted heavily for President Trump in 2016.
  • The Democrats won by 9 points in the 2018 Midterm elections, but the 8th district is widely considered a toss-up.
  • With the support of the Trump administration and the GOP, Jim Bognet aims to take back PA-8 and keep Northeastern Pennsylvania red.


  • “In PA-8, we want to work … we don’t want government handouts.” – on Tucker Carlson
  • “In America, when things you believe in are threatened, we have a duty to stand and fight.”
  • “When I saw what the Democrats were trying to do to President Trump with impeachment, I decided I couldn’t stand by and watch.”

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