Candidate of the Week: Regan Deering (IL-13)


  • Regan was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois
  • She graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and DePaul University with a Master of Education
  • She serves as the Capital Campaign Chair for the Northeast Community Fund
  • She is also Chair of the Decatur Public School Foundation
  • Regan lives with her husband, Brian, and three children in Decatur, Illinois


  • Illinois’ 13th Congressional District race is currently rated as “Lean Democratic” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the district a +3 partisan voting index advantage to Democrats

Regan Deering for Congress


  • “I am not a career politician. I have built a career that puts a priority on high-quality education for all, investment and caring for our community, and giving back to others by serving.”
  • “When six in ten workers are concerned their paycheck cannot support their family, we know American families are at a breaking point. We must turn this country around by stopping the reckless spending and putting a check on the Biden-Pelosi-Budzinski agenda that has gotten us into this crisis. In Congress, you can count on me to ensure we get this economy under control and work for families, not the woke Left.”
  • “I am a taxpayer, homeowner, wife, mother, educator, small business owner and community advocate. My husband and I care deeply about the future of our three children and recognize that our country is at a critical point. We need a common-sense government that honors individual freedoms and the ability to create a life full of opportunity for all.”


  • “As a former Congressman who has represented this area, I understand the concerns of voters in central Illinois. Regan’s work locally has given her an up-close and personal look at the issues facing our communities today. A wife, mother, proud gun owner, former school teacher, and small business owner; Regan shares our conservative values. Further, I am convinced she will work diligently to tackle the everyday issues of the citizens she represents. I believe Regan is the best person to represent and fight for the citizens of the 13th district in Washington, DC.” – Tim Johnson, Former US Representative for IL-15
  • “Regan Deering is the kind of candidate I support because she’s a problem solver like me. She identifies concerns and finds common sense solutions. Regan knows her priorities in Congress will be solving the problems facing the people of IL13 and balancing our federal budget. She’s ready to change Washington! I am proud to endorse Regan Deering in the IL13 Congressional District.” – Sally Turner, Illinois Senator for SD-44
  • “Regan Deering is a woman of strong character who has proven to be a servant leader in her community. I know she will continue to be a strong advocate for all in central Illinois as your next Congresswoman from the 13th District. I am putting my full endorsement behind Regan because she will be the change agent we need in Washington to Fire Pelosi and hold the Biden Administration accountable for their disastrous policies. Regan will also be a Representative the people can depend on to hear their concerns and take action on the issues. I encourage you to support Regan Deering!” – Jil Tracy, Illinois Senator for SD-47

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