Candidate of the Week: Yesli Vega (VA-07)


  • Yesli was born in Texas and grew up in Virginia
  • She earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree from the American Military University, and she is a graduate from the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy
  • She started her career in law enforcement as a street cop with the Alexandria Police Department
  • She became a certified hostage negotiator while serving with the Manassas Park Police Department
  • She served as Deputy Sheriff and Crisis Intervention Team member with the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office
  • She was also elected to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors
  • Yesli lives with her husband, Rene, and 2 children in Prince William County


  • Virginia’s 7th Congressional District race is currently rated as “Lean Democratic” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the district a +1 partisan voting index advantage to Democrats

Yesli Vega for Congress


  • “I was leaving church with my family when I received the worst phone call of my life. That my brother had been gunned down and nearly killed by MS-13 gang members. I knew then that I would join law enforcement to protect others in need and defend our community, but now Joe Biden and radical Democrats have opened our borders causing a rise in drugs and crime in our communities. For me it’s personal…I’ll never stop fighting for you.”
  • “As a Deputy Sheriff, I put it all on the line for my community everyday. Now, I see a new threat. We’re seeing our borders opened again causing a humanitarian crisis. Wasteful spending is driving up the cost of living to levels we haven’t seen in decades, and crime is skyrocketing across the country as a result of the far left’s dangerous defund the police ideology. Enough is enough. Let’s tell Congress and the career politicians their time is up.”
  • “Virginians are demanding change. Let’s return America to that shining city on a hill. But it’ll take a candidate with a backbone to fight for the conservative values we share. Together, we can retire Nancy Pelosi and restore our blessed republic.”


  • “Yesli Vega is a police officer whose parents came to Virginia to pursue the American dream. In addition to risking her life to get dangerous criminals off our streets, Yesli serves her community as a county supervisor and is a strong voice for parents who want to see excellence return to our public schools. Virginians need Yesli in Congress because they deserve real representation — someone who actually shared their struggles, thinks for herself, and will work to lower their costs instead of voting for Joe Biden’s bad policies driving up inflation. I’m proud to endorse and support Yesli Vega because she’d be a breath of fresh air in Washington.” – Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia
  • “I am proud to endorse Yesli Vega in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District race. As a law enforcement officer, Yesli already puts service above self since she puts on her uniform everyday not knowing if she will return home that night. Yesli is a Board of Supervisors member, a wife and mother, and a product of the American Dream! She is exactly the Congresswoman we need to ensure the needs of the people of the 7th District are front and center and to get our country back on track. She’s a no-nonsense leader who already works tirelessly for her constituents when she faces you at every Board of Supervisors meeting. She respects your right to speak your mind, and doesn’t cut you off. Yesli respects your right to engage with your elected officials. She is not going to be any different as your Congresswoman. I have no doubt that she will continue to fight for us and our American values in Washington. I’m thrilled to support Yesli in her race for Congress and encourage all freedom-loving Americans to get behind her in this competitive race.” – Winsome Sears, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  • “With skyrocketing crime and inflation, Virginia’s 7th Congressional District needs a leader with a proven record of results like Yesli Vega. I can’t think of a more dedicated individual than Yesli. As a Deputy Sheriff, Yesli believes in standing with victims, supporting our law enforcement heroes, and enforcing the rule of law. I’m proud to endorse Yesli Vega as I believe she will bring effective servant leadership to Congress for the 7th District.” – Jason Miyares, Attorney General of Virginia

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