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Candidate of the Week: Zach Nunn (IA-03)


  • Zach was born in Story City, Iowa and raised in Altoona
  • He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Drake University and graduate degrees from Air University and the University of Cambridge
  • In 2002, he joined the US Air Force and has over 700 combat hours as an aviator
  • Zach served as the Director of Cybersecurity Policy for the United States National Security Council
  • He has served as an Iowa State Senator since 2019 and was previously a member of the Iowa House of Representatives
  • He lives with his wife, Kelly, and four kids in Bondurant, Iowa


  • This congressional seat is currently held by Democrat Cindy Axne, and Zach can flip it for Republicans.
  • Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District race is currently rated as “Lean R” according to The Cook Political Report
  • Cook gives the race a +3 partisan voting index advantage to Republicans

Zach Nunn for Congress


  • “Our family is sixth generation Iowan. A farm family built on a century of hard work on the land. I’m the son of a nurse and teacher. This community raised Kelly and me. They had our backs, and we have theirs. Which is why we take it personally when DC stops caring about the heartland, and that’s why I’m running for Congress. Iowans will decide the future of our country. You trusted me to fight at the state house, and we delivered time and again passing the largest tax cut to help working class Iowans keep more of their hard earned dollars, protecting our constitutional rights, and strengthening our family farms.”
  • “When our communities needed a fighter, we answered the call. I’m Zach Nunn, and I’m proud to serve our country as a combat veteran. Flying over the front lines, I fought to defend our freedoms. Saving Americans from enemy ambushes with the US Air Force, evacuating women and children, and leading recovery operations with the Iowa Air National Guard.”
  • “We’ve got a battle ahead. Elites in DC are bent on picking winners and losers in America. I’m a proven fighter for you on the battlefield and at our state capitol. Let’s get Iowans back to work by stopping the Democrats’ biggest tax hike in US history. Let’s keep our neighborhoods safe, and support our heroes in law enforcement, not defund the police. Let’s stop DC politicians telling us how to act and big tech that muzzles our constitutional rights. This election is a call to action, and we’re all in this fight together.”


  • “It’s never been more critical to support strong, conservative candidates, and now more than ever we need more veterans in Congress. I am proud to endorse Zach Nunn for Congress – he’s an Air Force combat veteran and a state senator with a track record of success. He always put service before self, and that’s a rare quality, desperately needed in Washington, D.C. I will do everything I can to support Zach so that together, we can take back a Republican majority in the House and retire Nancy Pelosi.” – Mike Pompeo, 70th US Secretary of State and former CIA Director
  • “Zach Nunn is an Air Force veteran and state senator who’s always put service above self. He’s a conservative that will defend Iowa values, protect farmers, back the blue, and keep taxpayer dollars safe. A Republican majority runs through Iowa and I have no doubt Zach will make us proud.” – Nikki Haley, 29th US Ambassador to the United Nations
  • “Our country is facing a momentous decision this November, and we need to support strong and conservative leaders like Zach Nunn who will defend our freedoms and put a stop to Biden and Pelosi’s liberal agenda. I am proud to endorse Zach Nunn for Congress – he’s a man who has served his country as an Air Force veteran and as a state senator. I’m supporting Zach because I know that he’ll continue to defend our freedom and liberties as we both have done on the battlefield and now in public service. This race is critical to take back the U.S. House, and I’m doing my part to turn this country around by supporting Zach.” – Dan Crenshaw, US Representative for TX-02

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