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Capturing Current Events with WinRed Merchandise

Increase your fundraising efforts by utilizing current events in your merchandise designs. WinRed’s Zero-Touch Merchandise program handles product set-up, donor support, and on-demand printing of your products, giving you more time to get creative with your designs.

Donors rally behind a cause with meaning, and focusing on the current political climate is a great source of design ideas.

Take notes from these top-performing campaigns creating products capitalizing on the recently open Supreme Court seat:

Trump Campaign

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Arizona GOP

Get Your “Fill The Seat, Keep America Great” Arizona GOP Shirt Here

Kentucky GOP

Get Your “Fill The Seat Now” Shirt From the Kentucky GOP Here

National Republican Congressional Committee

Get Your “Fill That Seat” NRCC Coffee Mug Here

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Get Your “Fill The Seat” NRSC Shirt Here

Senate Republicans

Get Your “Notorious ACB” Shirt Here

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