FIRST LOOK: 6 Ways You Will be Able to Use Upsell Pathways

In the coming weeks, we are gearing up to launch Upsell Pathways, our 3rd major Personalization Feature. This adds considerable power to WinRed, letting you dynamically show an upsell based on a donor’s specific attributes.

Upsell Pathways is part of a larger suite of Personalization Features we rolled out over the last few months. The results speak for themselves — Dynamic Amounts increases average gift by 40%!

This is a powerful tool your campaign should use going into 2024. Here are a few ways you can use Upsell Pathways: 

1. A/B Testing 

Upsell pathways will let you split traffic between two upsells to see which performs best.

2. Slate with Other Candidates Based on Location 

If a donor lives in a specific state, you can upsell to candidates in that state. This will be a massive boost for conduiting as you can connect donors with other candidates that are more relevant to them.

3. Target In-District Donors

You can display different upsells to donors in your district vs. donors that are out of your district or state. A great example here is using our Volunteer Upsell for donors in your district since they are local and more likely to help out as opposed to someone who lives far away.

4. High-Dollar Donors

Donors who give a certain amount or give on a High-Dollar Page can be filtered to certain upsells. Perhaps they are maxing out, so you want to direct them to give to other candidates or organizations. Sending large givers directly to a Panel Upsell with other candidates they can give to in one click is a powerful tactic.

5. Merchandise

Donors who respond to merch offers tend to donate for additional merch. Pathways will let you filter donors based on whether their original donation was for a merch item or not. You can try upselling matching sets, ask them to cover shipping fees, or show them exclusive items.

6. Recurring, Money Pledge, & Cover Fees

Upsell Pathways will let you direct a donor to an upsell based on whether they opted into any of these on their initial donation. If they do not make their initial gift recurring, you can direct them to an upsell, asking them to opt-in. Likewise, if they do not opt-in to a Money Pledge, you can focus on that.

If you have questions, our team is available to help! Shoot us a note at

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