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WinRed is Here!

What is WinRed?

WinRed is an online fundraising platform supported by a united front of the Trump campaign, RNC, NRSC and NRCC. It’s built on a proven fundraising technology and is designed to combat ActBlue.

WinRed was modeled after years of studying ActBlue – but combines better technology and a partnership with Data Trust that will massively improve the party’s voter model scores, benefitting all candidates up and down the ballot.

How does it work?

WinRed is similar to other donation platforms (create a page and send email or ads traffic to it) – except our technology layer is combined with a Conduit PAC.

A Conduit PAC lets you easily and quickly route money to anyone on WinRed. If you wanted to create a page that split donations to your 5 favorite campaigns, you can do that – no lawyers or treasurers needed. Or, if you just want to create a single page that raises money for a single entity, that works too.

Our technology handles processing the donation and ensuring that it gets to the right place, while providing the necessary reporting to be FEC compliant.

What features does it have?

Our platform is packed with features that we are constantly expanding. Right now organizations can:

  • Create Conduit Split Pages to fundraise simultaneously for multiple entities
  • Host petition or survey pages to collect leads
  • Upsells to boost donation sizes, get recurring gifts and increase total funds raised
  • Explore our suite of integrations to send your data where it needs to go

How much does it cost?

WinRed is free for any organization or federal candidate to use. There is a 3.8% + 30 cents per transaction fee which includes the cost of credit cards.

I’m a campaign and want to start raising money. How do I get started?

To sign up, click here!