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WinRed: Zero to $1,000,000,000 in 15 Months

Today we’re proud to report that Republicans raised over $1 Billion on WinRed in its first 15 months since launching. What took ActBlue 12 years to accomplish, WinRed did in a little over a year.

WinRed Lifetime Raised: $1,205,933,469
Total Conduited Raised for House & Senate: $43,082,999
Raised From Unique WinRed Features: $547,891,162
Average Donation: $47
Volunteers Converted: 477,133
24-Hour Record: $24,874,674 on 9/30

2020 Cycle Recap

The rapid success of WinRed is testament to unprecedented party unity behind the need to take on ActBlue – quickly and aggressively.

In fact, 52% of all money for the top 40 fundraising House & Senate campaigns (including national party committees) was processed through WinRed after we launched this cycle.

What the GOP needed to take on ActBlue was a unified system that could provide campaigns massive 1) Network Effects, 2) Data Insights and 3) Technology Innovation & Infrastructure to help campaigns up and down the ballot raise more online.

The President’s campaign team, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, NRSC Chairman Todd Young and NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer and their teams at the national party committees all deserve enormous credit for backing WinRed and helping make it a success. A critical problem grew continuously for 15 years, reshaping how politics was financed – and a solution had previously proven elusive.

Additionally, in the spring of 2020, 10 months after launch, WinRed expanded to state-level campaigns thanks to a close partnership with the RSLC. We quickly gained over 500 state campaigns and aim to be at over 2,000 non-Federal GOP campaigns by the end of 2021.

WinRed Delivered on What Was Needed for Campaigns

1) Network Effects

Saved credit cards – just like with Amazon – enable one-click transactions that increase conversions and encourage more contributions for the donors who choose to create a WinRed account.

Any campaign can send a WinRed Account holder a one-click email if they already have their email address. This network effect is powerful and grows every day.

Avg Conversion Rate Increase of WinRed Donor Accounts: 15%
Total Cycle Donation Volume From WinRed Donor Accounts: $416,283,348

WinRed’s compliance architecture lets campaigns quickly and easily route small-dollar donations to anyone on WinRed. It’s called a conduit. For years, the only way to help another campaign was to send a max-out check. Now, campaigns and national party committees can join together to enable thousands of donors to give $30 or $40 to multiple campaigns with one contribution.

Conduit payments are also beginning to end the need to rely on Joint Fundraising Committees, which take time and money to set-up and necessitate lawyers and treasurers. A WinRed page can be created in a couple of minutes that accomplishes most of what JFC’s used to do.

Total Conduited on WinRed: $110,510,036
Total Conduited to Senate Campaigns: $30,694,829
Total Conduited to House Campaigns: $12,388,170

2) Data Insights

One of the most important advantages of unifying around a single platform is the massive accumulation of user action data that creates shareable insights for everyone. When WinRed sees that a certain tactic is converting at a high rate we alert the ecosystem.

Every GOP campaign’s presence on WinRed yields macro, industry-wide insights that help our campaigns day-to-day.

For instance:

  • WinRed donation pages that included the word “impeach” or “impeachment” during Q4 2019 raised 300%+ more than non-impeachment pages.
  • Donation pages that mention the word “Trump” on average convert double the amount of donors and money than pages that do not.

WinRed alerts campaigns, agencies and committees regularly about insights, tips and tricks that are performing well across the platform. Additionally, a weekly webinar trains operatives on the best tactics and latest features.

3) Technology Innovation & Infrastructure

WinRed is not just donation processing. Today’s campaigns need an easy to setup end-of-funnel infrastructure for all their marketing efforts.

Fully Customizable Petitions, Forms & Surveys enable lead generation, events, polling, etc for any campaign on WinRed. Campaigns no longer have to build their own lead generation infrastructure and integrations with their websites.

Storefront and Zero Touch Merchandise allow campaigns to create an online store in minutes and then sell merchandise that is printed on-demand. Meaning: If you only sell two hats, WinRed will only print and ship two hats. There’s no upfront bulk ordering cost or risk; just upload your logo and go. Plus: WinRed does all the shipping, handling and fulfillment.

  • WinRed assisted committees in selling almost 2 million pieces of merchandise this cycle so far.
  • Campaigns created thousands of individual products

Upsells That Raise 10% More Money let campaigns show donors another ask after they just made a contribution. There are 12 different upsells – all customizable – so that campaigns can maximize revenue when the donor is most engaged: during the donation process. One Upsell, Become a Volunteer, brought in 477,133 volunteers to hundreds of campaigns across WinRed.

What WinRed Means to Individual Donors

A single, recognizable brand that donors trust was an underrated element to Democrats’ online donation success for years. Small dollar GOP donors finally have a home-base with WinRed. Scam PACs, shady operators and outright fraud is unfortunately a common occurrence in the online political donation world – particularly on the right.

WinRed helps civilize the Wild West of the GOP donation ecosystem.

We provide donors with 1) A Trusted Platform 2) Ability to Take Action Themselves and 3) Incredible Donor Support.

1) A Trusted Recognizable Platform

Donors now recognize the WinRed brand as the go-to and only place for GOP fundraising and action. Almost every week, President Trump tweets endorsements to dozens of campaigns by using their WinRed link. Brand recognition like this creates trust that the money a donor is giving will go where they want it to. That’s the heart of the matter.

2) Ability to Taken Action Themselves

WinRed’s candidate directory created hundreds of thousands of referrals to campaign donation pages. Donors can go there 24/7 to find any candidate in any corner of the country.

For the first time, Team Pages enable donors to create their own, personally branded, donation pages supporting any candidate(s) they choose.

This combination of effects led to a phenomenon we call…The Rise of the GOP Super Small Dollar Donor:

317,000 donors gave to 3 or more campaigns and thousands gave to 25 or more campaigns.

3) Incredible Donor Support

If a donor has a problem we aim to fix it in under 5 minutes. With over 620,000 emails, calls and inquiries coming into WinRed so far this cycle, we had to develop a massive Donor Support operation…and fast. A hybrid of automated and live phone centers, combined with live chat functionality ensures we accomplish this 5 minute goal for 100% of all incoming donor issues.

Whether they lost a package, need to augment a recurring plan, want a refund or have another question, the WinRed Donor Support operation accomplishes the enormous task of building donor trust and brand equity with the people who power the whole system: the actual donors.

“The customer service was beyond good – it was fantastic. I wish everyone I deal with was this good! Keep it up!!” – Steve from FL
Total Cycle Incoming Calls/Emails/Chats: 620,000
Peak 24 Hour Incoming Volume: 30,000

2019 Cycle Quarterly Recap Numbers

Q3 2019

$30 million raised
673,735 donations
Average donation of $46.03

Q4 2019

$69.6 million raised
1,649,224 Donations
Average donation $42.94

Q1 2020 Breakdown:

$129.6 million raised
3,271,164 Donations
Average donation: $39.83

Q2 2020 Breakdown:

$275.5 Million Raised
6,753,350 Donations
Average Donation: $41

Q3 2020 Breakdown:

$623.5 Million Raised
11,650,758 Donations
Average Donation: $53

Countering the Democrats’ ActBlue fundraising machine, WinRed is the leading Republican online fundraising technology platform utilized by a united front of the Trump re-election campaign as well as the GOP party committees – including the Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), and the Republican Governors Association (RGA). Today, 100% of State Republican Parties and more than 90% of U.S. House and Senate Members use WinRed. In total, over 1,300 campaigns currently raise money on WinRed.