3 Ways to Boost Your Team Page

Let’s start off with CONGRATULATIONS for starting your very own WinRed Team Page.

You are the first Americans to be using a new tool that we think can change politics. Now, anyone can raise money for their favorite candidates and help win elections. Team Pages makes it easy to react to the news cycle and defend the good guys.

To make sure your candidates succeed, here are 3 simple things you can do right now to boost your page.

1. Tweet and Post on Facebook

We know this sounds simple, but it is the quickest and easiest way to let people know about your page. You can even do it by just pressing the “Share Page” button you can tweet out instantly.

Don’t forget who you are really trying to help. Tag the politicians on your Team Page to make sure they know about it.

Include a Hard Ask! A Hard Ask is a few words that asks for a specific amount of money. You should (almost) always ask specifically for money. “Please contribute $5 to these candidates – they need our help!” That’s an example of a Hard Ask.

2. Email Your Contacts

Email is the #1 way campaigns at every level raise money online. Team Pages are no different. A personal email to your friends and family (that includes a Hard Ask!) will go a long way towards raising real cash for your Team.

3. Text Your Friends & Family

People read about 95% of their text messages within a few minutes. This makes it the best way to ask for money.

Text close friends and family about your Team Page – and make sure to include the link to your page. You’ll probably get the most results from this than any other type of communication.


Good luck! We look forward to sharing with you more ways to stay involved with WinRed Team Pages. Please let us know by sending us a DM on Twitter with any questions or ideas you have for us about to how to make Team Pages even better. Thank you!