5 Enhancements to Pathways Released

In the last year, we rolled out two game-changing features called Upsell Pathways & Petition Pathways. These allow you to direct donors from petition pages to donation pages and from donation pages to upsells based on criteria specific to that donor, such as location, donation amount, etc. 

We rolled out 5 new enhancements to these to add more power and usability. 

1. Add a Condition Before Another Node

On an existing Upsell Pathway, you can now add a condition before existing nodes. 

Previously you could only add conditions at the end of your Upsell Pathway, which made changing the pathway difficult. This new update simplifies this process and lets you keep customizing your upsell pathways with new paths. 

For example, if you want to test out the first upsell in your pathway, you can add a condition before it to a/b test against another upsell. 

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2. Use Pathways on Storefront

Every organization on WinRed gets a free storefront where they can offer merchandise to their supporters. 

Adding upsells to your storefront allows you to ask donors for additional gifts after they make their contribution. Using Upsell Pathways on your store means more ways to customize and boost your results.

3. See if Upsell Pathways has Bill-Pay Attached

Bill-Pay is a convenient tool that lets campaigns pay vendors instantly without the hassle of sending and tracking invoices. If bill-pay is used in an upsell pathway, you will see a purple bill-pay icon. 

This adds even more transparency to the platform.

4. See How Many Pathways an Upsell is Attached to

When viewing your upsells, you can now see how many pathways an individual upsell is part of. This helps you better manage your upsells and better understand performance numbers by seeing how widely used each upsell is in your program.

5. Persist URL Parameters Through Petition Pathways

If you are adding URL Parameters such as name=Donald to a petition page, you now have the option to pass that through on the redirect to the subsequent donation page. Previously, only UTMs would persist. 

This helps if you want to use merge parameters or pass other tracking parameters through. 

Additionally, you can blacklist certain parameters that you do not want to pass on.

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