What’s Next: 6 Updates Coming Soon from WinRed

WinRed started 2024 by adding several big updates to the platform designed to bring more fundraising power to everyone’s programs. Some of those big features were:

We have no intention of slowing down. Here are 6 more items coming soon intended to boost fundraising efficiency and add even more ways to customize the donor journey.

1. Bulk Page Duplication

Oftentimes, organizations on WinRed are cloning a single page multiple times to use on different mediums or for different audiences. 

Our new update to cloning pages will make this process significantly easier by allowing you to duplicate a single page multiple times simultaneously. 

With this tool you will be able to automatically append bill-pays and change URLs/page names dynamically, saving you time and allowing you to move faster to take advantage of the big moments. 


2. Virtual Terminal

High-dollar programs frequently enter card information on behalf of a donor. Our newest update simplifies this process.

Virtual Terminal will exist within the WInRed portal, allowing users to enter card information on behalf of a donor without having to visit a page. This helps reduce errors and removes the need to build pages for this purpose, saving you time.

3. Donor Covers Fees on Upsells

Since we launched the donor covers fee option on landing pages last summer, over $4,000,000 extra has been raised for candidates at an opt-in rate of over 50%. We are bringing this feature to upsells so you can choose to add this as an additional option for donors.

4. Recurring Option on Upsell

Another option you will be able to add to an upsell is the ability to make the donation recurring. Growing a recurring file for the months leading up to the election is critical for any campaign, and with this new update, you have another way to ask donors to opt in. This feature will work great with upsell pathways where you can selectively target certain donors to ask them to opt in based on certain criteria. 

5. Adding Pagination

Groups on WinRed have A LOT of pages (and our new bulk duplication feature will only increase that amount). We are adding page numbers so you can quickly jump to the correct place.

6. Search Bar in the Products Tab

Trying to find a specific merch item? Our new search functionality will make that a breeze. 

Type in the name of the product you are looking for and you can easily find any item matching that criteria.

Get started using merch here.

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