A/B Test Every Step of the Donor Journey on WinRed

A/B testing is essential to any digital fundraising program to determine what works and improves results. That’s why WinRed added an entire suite of testing tools that are available in every account.

What is A/B Testing 

A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of a page, an upsell, or an upsell flow to determine which one performs the best. You choose the creative you want to test and WinRed will provide you the data to easily see how they compare. 

We suggest making iterative changes to your creative and monitoring the results. For example, if you are sending donors to an upsell, take that same upsell and make a small change, such as the colors used, the language used, the imagery used, or the button amounts, and see if that change has any impact. Looking at the amount raised per view and the conversion rate, you can see if your change made an impact and then test something else.

4 Tools to A/B Test on WinRed

WinRed offers end-to-end testing on the platform, which means that every step of the donor process can be tested, from petition pages to donation pages to upsells. Below is a summary of the four tools available to you. 

1. Petition Pathways

Petition pages are a completely free tool on the platform that allows campaigns to create a petition, survey, or other non-donation page to collect donor information. After a donor submits their response on these pages you can use petition pathways to dynamically direct the donor to a donation page and ask them for a donation.

Part of petition pathways is the ability to split traffic between two donation pages randomly. This allows you to create two versions of a donation page, send traffic to each, and determine which one converts better. 

Learn how to use petition pathways here

2. Dynamic Amount Control Groups

Dynamic amounts allow you to change the button amounts on a donation page based on the giving history of the donor viewing your page. For example, if a donor’s average gift is $10, you can change the button amounts to be around that amount, so it’s more relevant to the donor. If a donor’s average gift is $100, then you can change the amounts to be substantially higher since that’s what the donor prefers to give.

Learn how to use Dynamic Amounts & Control Groups here

3. Upsell Pathways

Similar to Petition Pathways, Upsell pathways allows you to dynamically direct a donor to an upsell based upon criteria specific to that donor. Part of this includes the ability to randomly split traffic to two different upsells.

The biggest fundraising programs on the platform include several upsells on all of their pages. Constant testing and optimization are key to improving results. With Upsell Pathways, any individual upsell can be tested against an alternate version to see which one converts better. 

Learn how to use Upsell Pathways here

4. Upsell Flow A/B Testing 

Another way to test upsells on WinRed is to test the entire upsell flow. An upsell flow is a group of upsells. You apply upsells to a page through an upsell flow. Whereas Upsell Pathways lets you test one individual upsell, with this tool you are testing all of them. 

The benefit of testing the entire upsell flow is that you can better test how many upsells are included in the flow vs only testing an individual step. This method also uses a more sophisticated model to determine a winner by requiring a minimum amount of traffic before results are shown. 

Learn how to use the A/B Testing for Upsell Flows tool here