April Product Wrap Up

April was a big month for us! We deployed our latest major personalization feature — Upsell Pathways!

This addition will change digital fundraising operations permanently. More details below and look at some other recent updates.

1. Upsell Pathways

Upsell Pathways allows you to dynamically direct donors from a donation page to an upsell based on attributes specific to that donor.

For example, you can show donors an upsell based on the state they live, the amount they gave, whether they made their donation recurring or not – and so much more!

This tool also allows you to easily a/b test any individual upsell you are using.

Upsell Pathways adds a considerable amount of depth and power to everyone’s fundraising program.


2. Control Groups on Dynamic Amounts

Dynamic Amounts allow you to change the button amounts shown to a donor based on giving history. Control Groups lets you test these adapted amounts vs the default page setting so you can easily see the impact of your efforts.

Across the platform, dynamic amounts has results in a 40% increase in average gift.

3. Page Duplication Update

Building pages quickly is key for fundraising programs to move fast and capitalize on the big moments.

We added a duplicate page feature inside page builder so that when you need to make multiple versions of a single page you can do so with significantly fewer clicks, saving you and your team time.

4. We Overhauled Media Management on WinRed

This new slide-out menu is easier to use and lets you search by file name for the image you want.

You can delete unneeded images directly in this menu and grab a URL of the image (to embed elsewhere).

5. COMING SOON: Virtual Terminal

WinRed is adding a new and improved Virtual Terminal into every account. This allows you to process a donation on behalf of a donor when you are talking to them directly as opposed to sending them to a page.

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