How to Optimize Your WinRed Page With Widgets

The top-performing pages on WinRed use Widgets. These are enhancements that can be added to a page or upsell in minutes.

They are proven to increase donor urgency and lead to higher conversion rates.

Check out this team page which uses a variety of widgets.

Types of Widgets on WinRed:

  • Multiplier: Select a number to multiply the base donation amount by
  • Exit Intent Popup: Allows users to make one more effort to convert visitors as they’re intending to leave your page
  • Shotclock: Displays the number of minutes that should elapse before the shot-clock expires
  • Countdown: Displays a date/time for the countdown to end
  • Countdown to Midnight: Displays a countdown to midnight
  • Donation Stream: Displays a horizontal, scrolling stream of recent donations made to a committee
  • Amount Button Animation (The Wiggle): This allows users to add animations on multiple amount buttons on landing pages or upsells
  • Social Links: Displays small graphics linked to your social media accounts, specifically Facebook and Twitter

Click here to learn how to add widgets to your pages and upsells!

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