We Overhauled Media Management on WinRed

Since WinRed’s launch, thousands of images have been uploaded to the platform. For some accounts, that means they have to be able to sift through images uploaded all the way back in 2020 to find the imagery they want to use.

We set out to make this easier and save everyone time managing their media so they can spend more time raising money.

Here are the two big improvements we made to media management:

1. Image Uploader

Our new image uploader slide-out is a big advancement from the previous setup. 

  • Displays images designed for that specific placement (For example if you are uploading a background image it will only show background images you added previously).
  • Allow for a quick drag-and-drop upload.
  • Images are ordered by upload date so your most recent additions appear first.
  • You can see the file name of the image and search by name to find the one you want.
  • If an image is unnecessary, you can delete it by clicking the ellipses on the right.
  • Want to embed the image elsewhere, like in an email send? You can grab a public URL to add to your HTML. 


2. Media Library

In January we launched part 1 of our media management overhaul — The WinRed Media Library.

With the Media Library, you can:

  • See every single image you have uploaded to your account.
  • Organize all images by placement type (Background images, logos, etc).
  • Search for specific images you are trying to find.
  • Delete images you no longer want.
  • Grab a URL for the image so you can embed it somewhere else (like in an email or on your website).


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