Sneak Peek: 4 New Features Coming Soon

After rolling out Dynamic Amounts and Petition Pathways, WinRed is getting our next set of feature updates ready to go. We have some ease-of-life updates, updates to merchandise, and some additional ways to boost recurring programs.

Here’s a peek at what’s next!

Recurring Merch

WinRed’s on-demand merchandise program has completely changed how campaigns do merchandise.

We pushed a few updates this summer including:

– Additional Amounts on Storefront
– XML Updates for Storefront

And now we are adding another improvement — the ability to require a donor to make their gift recurring in order to qualify for the merch item.

Media Library

Campaigns on WinRed quickly rack up hundreds of images on the platform and that makes sifting through them quite difficult.

We are overhauling how images are managed through our new media library. This means less time spent dealing with images and more time spent raising money.

Poll Results Widget

A popular strategy on WinRed pages is using petition pages or donation pages to conduct surveys and polls. Our new widget will allow you to add the results of these efforts on the subsequent page or upsell.

This creates a better donor experience as you can show them the results of their submission.

Recurring Upsell

Donors will have the option to make any upsell donation a stand-alone recurring gift. 

Currently, donors can make a gift recurring on the landing page, or they can turn their landing page gift recurring via an upsell. This new feature allows them to make a separate donation and make it recurring.