WinRed Now Works at the State Level

WinRed is an online fundraising platform supported by a united front of the Trump campaign, RNC, RSLC, NRSC, and NRCC. It’s built on a proven fundraising technology and is designed to combat ActBlue.

Starting now, EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN seeking office will be able to tap into the same tools that help President Trump and hundreds of other Republicans in Congress raise money from small-dollar donors.

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WinRed is more than just direct fundraising. Now you can:

  • Drastically boost your digital fundraising fame with high-conversation donation pages (putting more money in your campaign account).
  • Get access to the largest network of one-click donors and saved credit cards available — the same network the President, the RNC, and hundreds of other top groups use.
  • Increase the total donation amount of your donors with creative and effective upsells.

Since we launched last summer, we’ve seen fundraising records shattered and a whole generation of GOP campaigns learn new tricks to catch up and surpass the Democrats.

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