Process Donations Directly in Your WinRed Account with Virtual Terminal

Processing donations on WinRed got even easier with the launch of Virtual Terminal. 

Every account can now securely and quickly process donations on behalf of a donor within their WinRed account. This is perfect for high-dollar teams, direct mail donations, and in-person events.

How It Works

  1. In your WinRed account, head to the Revenue Tab and then the Donations Tab
  2. Click the green “Process Donation” button to get started

You can read more information about how this tool works here.

With Virtual Terminal:

  • Pricing is dynamic based on the amount. Donations of $500 and above use our high dollar rate of 3.2%, and donations below $500 are charged 3.94%.
  • Email is optional meaning donors who do not want to provide their contact information do not need to.
  • Donations can be set to one-time or recurring with the donor’s consent.
  • Email notifications can be set up to notify the donor or someone else that a donation successfully processed.

Ready to get started? Contact us at to learn more!