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WinRed Adds Enhanced Donation Filtering

WinRed added more functionality to our reporting tool, allowing you to analyze your donations quickly.

How the Reporting Tool Works

This tool allows you to easily view your fundraising performance. You can view all donations in a given time period or narrow them down by certain criteria. 

As you change the numbers at the top of your screen will update accordingly. Here is an example.


To access the tool click on Revenue > Donations

Revenue and Donations Tab

What’s New

Our latest update adds three new filters to this tool:

  • Filter by Page TypeView donations that were made on a specific page type, for example, on a donation, high dollar or video page. Learn more about high-dollar and video pages here. 
  • Filter by Fundraising IDFilter donations by a Fundraiser ID that was used during the donation process. Learn more this filter here.
  • Filter by Source CodeFilter donations by the Source Code that was appended on a page. Learn more about this filter here.

You can read our full support article on this feature here.