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WinRed Expands Access to the Auto-Block Feature

Raising a lot online means campaigns need ways to efficiently manage their donors. That’s why we created our Auto-Block feature and recently made it available for every account at every level.

Political giving is typically subject to strict limits. The Auto-Block tool allows you to set a limit for donors so when a donor hits the maximum contribution limit, they are automatically blocked from future giving.

This saves campaigns time from having to manually block donors and reduces the need for refunds.

You can block donors for a certain amount of time. For example, you can automatically block donors for an election cycle and during the time you’ve set, they will be unable to donate via any of your donation pages.

When Auto-Blocks are applied, this tool takes a look at the comprehensive profile of the donor including:

  • Donor name
  • Email address
  • Card information

If a donor is blocked and attempts to use any additional cards or associated email addresses, we work to identify if it is the same donor so they can’t slip through. 

Millions of dollars were spent on refunds to donors in the 2020 cycle. Any high-power fundraising program should take advantage of this tool to save on wasted processing fees.

Learn more about the Auto-Block feature.

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