WinRed Federal FAQ

What is WinRed?

WinRed is an online fundraising platform supported by a united front of the Trump campaign, RNC, NRSC and NRCC. It’s built on a proven fundraising technology and is designed to combat ActBlue.

WinRed was modeled after years of studying ActBlue – but combines better technology and a partnership with Data Trust that will massively improve the party’s voter model scores, benefitting all candidates up and down the ballot.

How does it work?

WinRed is similar to other donation platforms (create a page and send email or ads traffic to it) – except our technology layer is executed by way of a PAC.

This lets you easily and quickly earmark donations to anyone on WinRed. If you wanted to create a page that split donations to your 5 favorite campaigns, you can do that – no additional lawyers or treasurers needed. Or, if you just want to create a single page that raises money for a single entity, that works too.

Our technology processes the donation and ensures that it gets to the right place. Then it provides all the necessary donation data in a timely manner so it can be used by your compliance officer to file your reports.

What is the role of the PAC?

The PAC’s sole purpose is to conduit contributions from donors to recipient federal candidates and committees. The recipient committees and candidates receive the value of the platform, not the PAC, and, as a result, federal law requires the recipient candidates and committees to pay for the valuable services they receive. Thus, all candidates and committees receiving contributions conduited through the PAC report expenditures to WinRed Technical Services, which provides all of the backend services necessary to make the platform operational. Again, the PAC’s sole function is to serve as a conduit, and the expenses related to making the platform run must, by law, be paid by the committees and campaigns receiving the benefit of the services.

How do I sign up?

Campaigns and organizations are actively being onboarded. You can save your spot in line here:

What does this mean for my treasurer and our compliance team?

Campaigns will continue to file on a regular basis and WinRed will make available all the data they need to handle all accounting and compliance.

What is Data Trust?

Data Trust, one of two partners in WinRed Technical Solutions, is a private company whose mission is to continually develop and enhance the voter data available to the Republican and conservative data ecosystem.  Data Trust brings to WinRed years of experience within the right-leaning marketplace, and WinRed will help better position Data Trust to continue to grow and improve the quality of its data.

Why Data Trust?

Data Trust has established itself in the Republican and conservative marketplace as a proven and trusted steward of political data.  Data Trust’s business model – a private business whose mission is not to maximize profits but to improve the quality of available political data in the Republican and conservative ecosystem – has proven so successful that even the Democrats are now trying to emulate it. In light of Data Trust’s established reputation and documented success, it is the perfect business partner in WinRed’s effort to provide a better fundraising solution to the right-leaning ecosystem.

Can WinRed or Data Trust sell or market my donor data?

No, nobody can get any donor data from Data Trust at any time for any reason. This includes the RNC, Donald Trump Campaign, etc. Donor data is solely used to improve voter modeling scores, which benefit everyone.

Does WinRed own any donor data from my campaign?

No, each campaign owns its own data.

How do I see my fundraising progress?

Every organization will be able to track fundraising campaign progress when they login.