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WinRed Takes Legal Action Against Democrat Attorneys General

WASHINGTON, DC – WinRed released the following statement today after taking legal action in response to an unlawful, partisan, and hypocritical inquiry into WinRed by the Democrat Attorneys General of Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, and New York:

“Four Democrat Attorneys General are exploiting their positions of power for partisan gain and targeting WinRed for fundraising tactics that Democrats themselves pioneered and still use to this day. While pursuing these actions, these Democrat AGs are actively fundraising on ActBlue.

“Federal law – not state law – governs the practices and general activities of federal political committees like WinRed, Inc. As such, WinRed today filed a complaint for declaratory relief in federal district court in Minnesota, asking the court to confirm that the Federal Election Campaign Act preempts state law with respect to its application to WinRed’s activities. Specifically, WinRed requested that the court permanently enjoin the Attorneys General of Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland from their partisan and disruptive inquiries into WinRed’s practices, which are entirely unsupported by law, and unnecessary given WinRed’s thorough compliance with applicable federal law. 

“Only when Republicans began challenging the Democrats’ long-held advantage in online fundraising did these Democrat Attorneys General activate. It’s troubling to see these AGs attempt to use the power of their offices for the purpose of helping the Democrat Party.”