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Step 1

Design Your Merchandise

Design your products and add them to your your donation page. Pick from our growing line of products.

Step 2

Promote & Sell

Promote your merchandise through your marketing channels and add your products to your donation pages.

We Handle the Rest

With Zero-Touch Fulfillment Process

Step 3

Zero-Touch Fullfillment

WinRed’s fulfillment partners create the products as orders come in.

Step 4

Zero-Touch Shipping

Once orders have been created they are shipped to your donors quickly.

Integrated Finances

Our merchandise is built on top of WinRed’s donation platform. As orders come in they are fully integrated with the rest of our donations and reporting.

Payouts Your Way

No minimum sales. No waiting for campaigns to end. You get your funds right away. Payouts can be set to daily, every other day, and weekly.

Bulk Ordering

Upcoming event? Bulk order merchandise to sell at your event. More you order the more you save.