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3 Stats Show Selling Merchandise With WinRed is a No-Brainer

We’re marking our one-year anniversary with a series of blog posts about how our features are changing the online fundraising game.

The best campaigns win by utilizing every play in the playbook. Merchandise is a no-brainer: It can be a ‘badge of honor’ hardcore supporters proudly wear or use, it can capture a moment, or it can be the perfect impulse purchase.

1. The bottom line is that merchandise raises more money.

You get more out of your donors. It doesn’t get any clearer and more measurable than lifetime value.

2. People are more likely to give.

It’s really simple: Branded merchandise gives people an incentive to donate. Donors are supporting their cause and they also get something in return that makes a statement. We see merchandise pages have a 10.3% increase in conversion rate in comparison to other donation pages.

3. Merchandise means NEW donors.

Diversified fundraising efforts give you diversified audiences. Merchandise has an X-factor that taps into new audiences, giving you the opportunity to create more first-time donors.

You’ve seen this work before.

Look no further than Donald Trump’s signature Make America Great Again hats for what may be the best single most effective piece of political fundraising merchandise. What started as a simple red hat with a slogan became an icon for a movement that also helped pave the way into the White House.

WinRed’s Zero-Touch Merchandise feature is made to make merchandise simple for every GOP campaign to offer.