The Biggest Features WinRed Added Ahead of the 2024 Cycle

Our team was busy in 2023 — we made more deploys and pushed more new features than in 2022.

We are determined to provide more power and better fundraising potential to Republican campaigns up and down the ballot.

Below are some of the big highlights from this year. And trust us — we have even more prepared for the year ahead!

Completed Migration to Revamped Portal

When we launched in 2019 we created a brand new portal designed to improve the user experience and improve fundraising efficiency. We finished migrating all of our features over to this new portal in 2023.

Significant Parity Between Federal and State Accounts

To equip state-level campaigns with the same power and capabilities as federal campaigns we made huge strides towards establishing parity between the two account types with some big improvements.

Dynamic Amounts

This powerful feature allows you to dynamically change the button amounts on a page based on that donor’s past giving on the platform. Learn more

Petition Pathways

Part two of our personalization feature set we announced this year is a feature called Petition Pathways that lets you dynamically direct a supporter from a petition page to a donation page based on that supporter’s unique attributes. Learn More

Video Pages

In August we added the ability to embed a video or live stream on a new page type that allows donors to watch and give without interrupting the playback of the video. Learn More


WinRed raises more and sometimes donors hit maximum contribution limits. We added an auto-block feature that allows you to set a limit for donors so when someone hits that limit they are automatically blocked from future giving saving time and headaches for campaigns. Learn more

Optional Email on High Dollar Pages

Previously an email was always required to be entered on high-dollar pages which are pages that have a discounted rate of 3.2%. Now donors can give on these pages without an email. Learn more

Custom Reports for Vendors

We upgraded vendor accounts with the ability to set up and run custom reports, adding significant reporting capabilities for digital agencies. Learn more

Thermometer Widget

A new widget allows you to set a public-facing goal for your supporters to help drive action. Learn more

Thermometer Bulk Action

Bulk actions allow you to add features to a bunch of pages in a few clicks. We added a new bulk action that works with the thermometer widget. Learn more

Cover Processing Fees

A new checkbox that lets donors add the cost of processing to their donation. About 50% of donors do this which means this feature adds about 2% to total fundraising. Learn more

Cover Fees Bulk Action

Another bulk action we added lets you add/remove the covers fee checkbox to all your pages easily. Learn more

Confetti Widget

When a donor clicks on a button you can set an emoji explosion to fire off. Learn more

Exit-Intent Bulk Action

The exit-intent widget allows you to throw up a message when a donor is attempting to leave your page asking them to complete their donation. We added a bulk action to allow you to add these to all your pages easily. Learn more

Image Bulk Action

Another bulk action we added lets you change imagery on all your pages. Bulk actions significantly improve page management and are a core part of our product. Learn more

Exports Without Custom Fields

To speed up exports, we added a separation between exporting with and without custom fields and set the default to exclude them. That means reports generate much quicker by default. Learn more

Fees Report on Merchant Accounts/State Accounts

Every merchant account now has a fees report in their compliance section that shows all bill-pay fees. Learn more

Storefront Additional Amounts

Every WinRed store got a free upgrade that allows donors to give an extra gift when purchasing merch items. 40% of donors opt-in! Learn more

Password Page Enhancements

Using password protection on pages became a big marketing tool so we added some functionality to boost performance. Learn more

Donation Stream Enhancements

This widget lets you add a live ticker to your pages to show others who gave on the page. We made some big improvements that work great with video pages. Learn more

Vendor Accounting Tab

Added a new section in vendor accounts that allows you to manage all bank transfers in one place. Learn more

Unarchive Pages

If you need to bring back a page you archived, now you can! Learn more

Merge Parameters on Upsells

Merge params let you add donor info to a page such as name or zip. Now you can use these on upsells too. Learn more

Fixed background Image Toggle

A new toggle to keep the background image in place. Learn more

Show Office and State on Slates

Added additional information about candidates that are added to donation pages so the donor can see their office and state every time.

Two New User Permissions

Added more ways to add users to your account with limited access to protect your data. Learn More