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PRIVATE MEMO: New Updates to Password-Protected Pages

Any Donation, Petition, High Dollar, or Video Page on WinRed can be password-protected to keep it private.

Adding a password allows you to protect certain pages from public view, such as before a campaign announcement or initiative. 

Passwords are also a marketing tool that allow you to give supporters access to exclusive content.

We released three updates that increase the functionality of Password-Protected pages ⬇️

1. Require an Exact Match (or Not)

What’s New: You can choose whether a password needs to be a perfect match in order to gain access to a page.

Exact Match requires the password to be entered with the same capitalization and spacing in order to access the page. 

When toggled off, a user can view the page with the correct password despite any capitalization and spaces entered in the password field.

2. Add Password Callout

What’s New: Add custom callout to encourage the visitor to enter the password and access the page.

Pro-tip: Use Merge Parameters to personalize the callout with the donor’s name.

3. Prefill With a URL Parameter

What’s New: Include a URL parameter at the end of your page link to automatically prefill the password box and make it easier for the user to access the page.

Learn more about Password-Protected pages here.