What You Need to Know About WinRed

Why Was WinRed Started?

WinRed is the donation processing platform for conservatives, but to understand how we got here, we need to rewind a few years.

For years, Democrats had a real fundraising advantage due to ActBlue, a donation processing platform built just for their candidates and organizations. They used ActBlue to raise billions of dollars from grassroots donors across the country.

WinRed was created in 2019 to counter ActBlue and level the playing field for Republican campaigns and conservative organizations.

WinRed processed $2 billion within its first 15 months. It took ActBlue 15 years to reach that milestone.

Today, over 5,000 campaigns have used WinRed, including thousands of local and state officials.

The platform is full of unique features that help campaigns raise 30-40% more.

With Slates, Conservatives can fundraise together in a network to win more races. This gives donors the option to split their donation and support multiple candidates.

Zero-Touch Merchandise allows campaigns to offer custom products without managing inventory, worrying about shipping, or buying in bulk.

How Did WinRed Accomplish This?

WinRed has created technology that makes it easy for donors to support their candidates.

This allows campaigns to build donation pages and ensures gifts securely get from the donor directly to the campaign.

WinRed is cheaper than ActBlue and covers all costs with a simple transaction fee.

What Does WinRed Not Do?

WinRed does not send mass solicitation emails asking for donations, and we do not send text messages.

​​These emails and text messages are sent by campaigns, committees, and other groups that support them.

WinRed may send donors an automated email to remind them to complete a donation, thank them for a gift, or inform them about an upcoming recurring subscription.

WinRed does not rent or sell donor data.

WinRed does not endorse any candidates and is a platform for all Conservatives and Republicans.

What’s Next For WinRed?

We are building the technology for this community to create strength in numbers.

This prevents people and organizations from being kicked off platforms or canceled. We also ensure that conservatives are able to donate to their preferred candidates.

We will continue to innovate and provide the best fundraising technology on the market to help conservatives raise more money and win more elections.

Dems haven’t had a winning message. They’ve had winning technology – until now.

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